About Us

       Since 1967.. The West Tuckerton Liquor Store was a staple in the Little Egg Harbor community. Founded and owned by Dick Leitz and his son Rick Leitz it was a thriving business and grew as the town grew around it. In January of 2002 the business was sold to me (Louis Maloney). Although it was my first time owning a liquor store, the town really took me and my family in. Not only were we welcomed but the business started to thrive. In 2007,  West Tuckerton Liquors went through a major renovation. Over 3000 sq feet were added and it now became Louna Liquors. Most people want to know were I got  Louna from? It's pretty simple..it's the combination of my two beautiful children's names..Louis and Dayna. LOU-NA.
      I can not thank the people of Little Egg Harbor more. We have grown but we will always be your neighborhood liquor store. A place were you can feel free to tell us what you want us to carry or if you need help with a special occasion. I have the greatest staff in the world and they are like family to me, but whenever I hire a new employee I always finish by saying" I'm your boss and they are my boss(the consumer) always treat them that way".
      I look forward to many more years of servicing our you and I thank you for the opportunity.

Louis Maloney and Family